FEES 2018 - 2019

for the Taï Chi Chuan Association of the Creuse (ACTCC)

Beginners : first 2 lessons are free.

Depending on the duration and / or the nature of the course chosen, the monthly fee may vary from € 27 to € 36 if you take only one course per week.
If you wish to take part in more than one course per week, the monthly fee will be capped according to your age: 37 € maximum for over 60s, 42 € maximum for under 60s.See also the "DISCOUNTS" section below. Other deductions may apply in the case of payment in the quarter or year. For any clarification, do not hesitate to consult Pascal Labesse during class or on 05 55 52 34 45.


1 – ON REGISTRATION (at the 3rd lesson for beginners)


Yearly Membership Fee to ACTCC - 40 € - made up of :


Association ACTCC                                                                38    Compulsory


Membership of the Union of TCC Associations of Bourges (UABTCC)        

                                                                                                 2€    Compulsory


Individual insurance issued by the Maif ( I.A.Sport+)             13€92    Optional



(which covers the salary costs of the teacher : minimum pay + 9%). The association receives grants from town councils amounting to 2% of its annual budget - for which we thank them – and must therefore self-finance 98% of its turnover by means of the monthly fees.


Each instalment must be paid at the first lesson of each month.

Missed lessons can be replaced by attending another location on a different day.

The monthly package is based on an average of 4 sessions per month (a week off in each of the “half-term” holidays with the option to pay session by session in those months).


Monthly fee giving access to one lesson per week                                    36€(1)


Monthly fee giving access to several courses per week                            42€(2)


Monthly fee giving access to seniors and mixed age group lessons              27€

to have access to another lesson (seniors) + 10€


Monthly fee giving access to the course chi kong- yi kong – taoist exercises                                                                                                            27€ 


Monthly fee giving access to the course chi kong – taoist exercises alternately sitting or standing                                                                          32€ 


(1) Except for the course from 14:30 - 15:45 on Friday (Gouzon) and from 14:00 - 15:00 on Friday (Guéret), monthly fee 32€ (for people under the age of sixty) or 27€ (over sixty)


(2) The package is capped at 37€ for people over 60.


Cheques should be made payable to the ACTCC.




40 % reduction for:

2nd member of the family (spouse and/or dependant child) or partner.


40 % reduction on presentation of supporting documents:

School-children and students and job seekers.


On request, individual cases will be examined in committee.