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                             CHINESE MARTIAL ART


Association Creusoise of Taï-Chi-Chuan


From September                     Weekly courses

in Guéret, La Souterraine

Bourganeuf, Sainte-Feyre

Bénévent-l’Abbaye and Gouzon


The first 2 courses are FREE


A traditional way of development of Chinese origin, Taï Chi Chuan is a route to find harmony through movement. It has the precision of all the martial arts, the focus of meditation and the aesthetic of dance.

Because it improves memory, balance, concentration, and the suppleness of muscles and joints, Taï Chi Chuan is often called the « health martial art ».

A patient and regular practice of the varied techniques proposed – exercises of Taoist gymnastics, Chi Kong, Yi Kong, different sequences of hands pushing, of bare-handed « Forms », with a sword or with a sabre, self-massage, etc…– can even enable the most persevering of you to develop internal energy, and discover the real dimension of Taï Chi Chuan as a martial art.


Chi-Kong, Yi-Kong and Taoïst Gymnastics are the subjects of 1 specific course at Guéret This – like the level 1 taï chi course for seniors – can be taken ‘stand alone’ or alongside ‘classic’ taï chi courses. The short combinations of movement offered in these specific courses are easy to remember.


The « Association Creusoise de Taï Chi Chuan » affiliated to FABTCC BOURGES, is approved by the Departmental Directorate for Youth and Sport for La Creuse (actual DDCSPP).


The teaching is assured by Pascal LABESSE, holder of a Professionnel Diploma in the Teaching of Chinese Martial Arts. He studies and trains with Jean-François BILLEY who has for 20 years been the pupil of Master CHU King Hung who is himself a disciple of YANG Sau Chung (oldest son of YANG Chen Fu) . This provides a measure of the quality and authenticity of the teaching provided.






28 rue Alfred Grand

 23000 GUERET


05 55 52 34 45


NB : Pascal LABESSE teaches in French